Terms of Service
Private Commissions

↠Payment will be made via PayPal and in the form of euro (EUR €). The client can choose between an invoice link or direct payment via https://www.paypal.me/FluttiArt. 
↠The client pays the artist directly and is able to choose between a single payment or 2 installments. In the case of 2 installments which must be agreed on between the client and the artist beforehand, the client will not be provided with the full image before it is all paid.
↠The client can only cancel an order before payment is provided. If no payment has been received after a month, the artist retains the right to cancel the commission. If the client still wishes to make this order, the client will have to request it again.
↠The client may ask for slight changes in the sketch or ask for a new one. After approval of the sketch, major changes can no longer be made. If an artistic freedom artwork were commissioned, the client may only ask for small adjustments of their character (e.g. eye color, fur pattern).
↠The client can ask for updates and screenshots of their commission at any time.
↠The client agrees that unused sketches may be recycled for other commissions or personal art.
↠When a commission is completed the client will be provided with the full resolution image(s) via e-mail or through a downloadable link. It is recommended that the art is downloaded as the link may be removed later on.

↠SFW subjects only.
↠No human faces or creatures with human-like faces.
↠If commissioning a specific character, the client must either own the character, or have permission to commission art of them.
↠No figures or symbols that have any explicit connection with real-life religion or politics.

↠The client retains the right to upload the artwork onto social media and retains the right for personal non-commercial use.
↠ The client is not permitted to submit the commissioned artwork to AI learning platforms, deviantART included.
↠ The client is not permitted to use the commissioned artwork or any other artwork painted by the artist to train AI learning software/websites/algorithms.
↠The artwork may not be altered in any way for public presentation unless other agreements are made.
↠All privately commissioned art will have the artist’s signature and it can not be cropped away, blurred out or altered in any way.
↠The artist retains the right to upload the commissioned artwork online and in portfolios.
↠The client retains the right to remain anonymous as the commissioner at wish. In the event of the piece being a gift to someone, uploading online can be delayed at wish.
↠The artist retains the right for commercial use of the image.
↠By ordering a commission the client agrees to all of these statements.

Can be found in the commission contact form. 
Click here.

If not differently arranged, the artwork will have the following values:
↠300 dpi
↠A3 ( 42 cm x 29,7 cm   4961px x 3508px )
↠RGB color profile
↠png file
Other formats, sizes and CMYK color profile are possible as well, but must be explicit stated in the commission request.
By entering the artist's giveaways, you agree to the present Terms of Services.
Best ways to reach the artist about commissions are:
↠contact form
↠ fluttiart(@)gmail.com
Contacting on any other social media platforms is not recommended, since it's entirely possible the message will get lost .

↠ According to small business regulation under German tax law (§ 19 I UStG) no VAT will be charged.